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Bombing Quest RPG to receive support

bombing quest fantasy rpg game to receive support for linux windows pc

Bombing Quest fantasy RPG games coming to Early Access for Windows PC, but will also receive Linux support. Thanks to developer Team Puh. Due to arrive on Steam soon.

Bombing Quest is the studios their first game. Due to release in March 2020 on Steam. You wake up as a dwarf, chained in an exosuit with no memory of the past. The walls of an ancient temple are all around you. Yet your only guides are mysterious shrines and a friendly robot. Also the suit support unit. You make your way out of the temple. You find out that its builders have long been forgotten. While Humans are settling over the ruins of the old empire. Fierce monsters also roam across the land. Dangerous insects lurk in the shadows. Ancient rusty automatons dig towards the core of the world. In the middle of all of this is you are the last guardian of a mysterious ark.

Linux Support

I am Linux user myself and Bombing Quest development originally started in Linux. However, there were some bugs in the Linux version of Unity 3D engine. Which forced us to switch to its official Windows version.
The first Early Access version will be Windows only. But I am pretty keen on developing a Linux port in the future. Unless an unexpected technical issues arise. There will be a Linux version for the full release of the game.

Based on the feedback we are getting, the general things the community wants next are:

  • Multiplayer
  • Better tutorial area (some people are getting loss or missing stuff)
  • Linux port

Bombing Quest is due to be in Early Access for “6 to 14 months”. Since support means fixing the bugs first. The Linux port is indeed coming. But it’s also a pleasure to see the game developer starting on Linux. Not to mention ensuring a full release with native support. Although, here’s hoping we see a Linux release much sooner.

Bombing Quest Early Access Trailer

Bombing Quest stays faithful to the classic Bomberman battle mechanic. You fight on a grid, where you plant bombs that explode in four directions. Once inside a grid, you need to think strategically. Both where and when to plant bombs to damage the enemies without damaging yourself. As you progress through the game, the enemies will get quicker, smarter and develop more diverse attacks and behaviors. You must react and adapt quickly to survive and get answers.

You will find components and gadgets to upgrade your battle suit. While you progress through Bombing Quest. These upgrades allow you to produce more bombs with greater power, increase your health and speed, and give you new abilities. While progressing with the story you also learn 3 major skills:

  • Regenerate – This skill heals the player, but in order to cast it – you need to collect the “soul” of your enemies.
  • Punch – Allows you to punch the bombs you plant so they fly across the grid before exploding.
  • Dash – This skill allows the player to pass through obstacles and dodge enemies.

Bombing Quest fantasy RPG will release on Windows PC in March 2020 via Steam Early Access. And hopefully, Linux support as development progresses.

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