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Bonfire Peaks voxel art puzzle island releases

bonfire peaks voxel art puzzle island game releases on linux mac windows pc

Bonfire Peaks voxel art puzzle island game releases on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Corey Martin. Which is available on both Steam and

Bonfire Peaks, the first publishing project from Draknek and Friends. Already known for games like A Monster’s Expedition and Cosmic Express). Bonfire Peaks is now available after three years in development. Since players can expect a master class in puzzle design. All brought to life through stunning voxel art and a climatic soundtrack.

Bonfire Peaks – Release Trailer

Move onwards, move upwards, and leave nothing behind. The Bonfire Peaks is void of filler content to create a better fine tuned style of gameplay. Since is it full of richly rewarding challenges and surprising new mechanics. All due to keep sparking your interest right through to the end.

Game Features:

  • Easy to learn, hard to master puzzles that populate the peak.
  • A cerebral experience in elegant level design.
  • Fiendishly difficult levels available around an airy overworld. If you get stuck? You can revisit levels later!
  • A feast for the eyes: Sokoban mechanics rendered with vibrant, lush voxel art.
  • A serene and atmospheric soundtrack to chill your brain. All while you take on mind bending puzzles.
  • Draknek & Friends promise a challenging experience for puzzlers every

Created by Pipe Push Paradise and Hiding Spot developer Corey Martin. Along with co-designer Alan Hazelde. The creative art is due to the efforts of Mari Khaleghi and Zach Soares. As a result, Bonfire Peaks is a game about closure. Since it focuses on how to move forward when you leave everything you once valued behind.

“I’m so happy that Bonfire Peaks is going to be out in the world. Take your time exploring our lovely little voxel art puzzle island, we put a lot of care into it.”

– Corey Martin, Game Director

Bonfire Peaks voxel art puzzle island game releases on Steam and Which is also priced at $19.99 USD. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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