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Bonfire tactical RPG hits Early Access

bonfire tactical rpg game hits early access on linux mac and windows pc

Bonfire the new tactical RPG game hits Early Access for Mac and Windows PC, but not Linux. We have feedback from developer MoaCube. The release is now live on Steam.

MoaCube, the indie studio behind Cinders and Solstice. Both games also have Very Positive reviews on Steam. And ironically, both are missing official Linux support. Now we their bite sized tactical RPG Bonfire. Which is now live on Steam.

Seeing this history of no Linux support. I reached out to the studio to see what’s happening. Since Early Access means game development. And requests for a native port have been coming in since September 2019.

Bonfire is made in GameMaker Studio 2. So a Linux port is technically possible. However, I can’t promise we’ll do it just yet, as it depends on several other factors. And won’t be our main development priority for at least several updates.

So clearly we just have to wait a while before Linux happens. Since Early Access is set to last “no less than six months.” Which means “ultimately for as long as it’s necessary” before Bonfire hits a full release. But this also gives MoaCube time to really hone in and shape gameplay. Gaining further player feedback. And ultimately, Linux support after those “several updates.” Which is also a benefit for the community. The developers want stability and more gameplay changes. So you have to give them props there.
Also, I don’t see any reports on ProtonDB yet. GameMaker Studio 2 titles usually run well. Should you be eager to play.

Bonfire Trailer

Bonfire is a procedurally generated, deeply tactical RPG. One that also comes with a fast turn based battle system. As well as heroes who care a little too much. A game of plans that go sideways and crazy builds that somehow work. But also quick gameplay sessions. Plus an elegantly gloomy story that binds it all together.

Hildie’s world has collapsed. She and her group of heroic misfits journey. Making their way through a bleak world that’s well past saving. Her quest to destroy the Faceless Overlord of the Mournfolk may be hopeless. But she’s kinda into lost causes.

Bonfire‘s design is all about distilling classic jRPG combat into its key strategic components. So that each battle is a puzzle to solve. It’s quick, it’s punchy, and it’s deeply tactical. The story is heavily character driven. Focusing on the dynamic between fantasy heroes traveling through a world they already failed to save.


  • Rapid and clickety-click RPG with deep tactics emerging from simple rules.
  • A delightfully gloomy Bonfire story. A journey and failure told within a procedural structure.
  • Short, intense gameplay sessions of the “just one more…” variety.
  • More than enough room for going total nerd about builds, tactics, etc.
  • Showers of blood and golden coins!

Bonfire tactical RPG game is available on Steam Early Access. Available for Mac and Windows PC. But Linux support is a few updates away. But you can also grab a 10% discount until April 2nd.

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