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Book of Demons crawler will make a Linux debut

book of demons crawler to make linux debut after mac in windows games of 2017

Since it’s been a year when we announced the release of Thing Trunk’s Book of Demons. The games on Steam Early Access and Humble Store for Windows. But we have some new details regarding Linux and Mac. As it looks like are getting closer to a native debut. Also, that Linux support might come a bit later than expected:

“Hi Todd,

I can tell you that we have ported our graphics engine to OpenGL. This opens a way to both Mac and Linux ports.
Sadly, based on Steam Hardware Survey data, Linux users make up only about a 0.32% of Steam users. So Mac will be our first choice.”

So you might be bit triggered by this statement. But do note, the game engine for Book of Demons is indeed custom. Therefore this can make development a bit slower than others. And the step forward with OpenGL is a very good sign.
That being said, the belated release for Linux is somewhat of a disappointment. So I’ve sent a reply email outlining the importance of a Linux release. And when a developer such as Thing Trunk believe in what they are creating. Then porting to other platforms is systematic. But that step forward with OpenGL is a very good sign.

Mage Gameplay Preview | Book of Demons:

Now for those who do not know, Book of Demons is a highly rated hack & slash. The Windows Demo is available on Steam, which is well worth playing. So together with the end-game features. This is the better if not the best news since the game’s launch on Steam Early Access over a year ago.

Book of Demons has already amassed a diehard following and holding a steady 98% very positive rating. So given the this feedback from Steam users, we are eager to see hat native port. That is if you appreciate a fresh approach to hack & slash mechanics. As well as beautiful papercraft graphics and charming references to classic PC games. Thing Trunk continues to listen to the Book of Demons community very carefully.

So Book of Demons is available for $19.99 USD on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. So hopefully we will see a Linux and Mac debut very soon.

For more information, visit the Book of Demons official website.