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Book of Demons dungeon crawler discounted for limited time


Book of Demons, Thing Trunk’s unique deck-building #hackandslash. While now receiving its second and most #eagerly #anticipated class: the powerful spell-slinging Mage.

Watch a short video preview of Mage gameplay:

With this update, players can collect and combine 16 new class cards. And therefore overcome papercraft-like adversaries using the Mage’s spell-focused play style. A fragile unit with high damage output and the power to summon minions, the Mage differs quite significantly from the Warrior class and will require players to experiment with new card synergies and combinations to conquer the most difficult dungeons.

More information about the update is available on the Thing Trunk development blog.

Book of Demons Linux release:

“We are using our own engine. And we definitely have Linux support in our plans but we want to do it after we feature-complete the PC version.
The game planning is to leave Early Access in Q1 2017. All the other platform support will have to wait for that.

Later on, depending on best approach (either we will upgrade our backend to support many platforms all at once, or we will be doing them one-by-one) we will be releasing Mac, Linux, and (maybe) mobile version.”

Book of Demons launched on Steam Early Access in July to very positive Steam reviews. Hence already earned several awards including Best Game Art at Casual Connect 2016 in Tel Aviv. Therefore the third and final class is set to release early 2017.

We did install the Book of Demons via Steam using the PlayOnLinux and it does work nicely. As the game does support OpenAL and OpenGL. We would also expected the Early Access release to function the same way. Which has now been officially tested and working really well on Linux

Download a free demo of Book of Demons or purchase the game at a 30% discount this week. This discount will only be available until December 12th.

Book of Demons is part of Thing Trunk’s Return 2 Games series, which focuses on creating memorable and engaging titles inspired by the early days of PC gaming. For more information, visit the Book of Demons official website.


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