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Book of Demons still no native support, why?

book of demons still no linux support on steam games 2017

Book of Demons does not have native support for Linux on Steam The games available for Windows on Early Access only. So we are somewhat used to this happening by now. Well it’s annoying, which we all know but it’s a waiting and see. But why?

Linux support according to Thing Trunk:

“I can tell you that we have ported our graphics engine to OpenGL. This opens a way to both Mac and Linux ports.
Sadly, based on Steam Hardware Survey data. Linux users make up only about a 0.32% of Steam users. So Mac will be our first choice. Sorry for that but we have to take those numbers into consideration :(”

December update:
“For sure not 2017. But our plans for bringing Book of Demons on Linux didn’t change.”

Since some people might be triggered by this. Do note, email has been exchanged regarding Linux market share. While this does somewhat confirm the native version. Do note, should you want to share your Tux love.

So for those who do not know Book of Demons. This is Thing Trunk’s unique deck-building, papercraft hack & slash.
Also, the games hero lineup is now complete. So this means the addition of the bow-wielding, charming-but-deadly Rogue.

Rogue Gameplay Preview | Book of Demons

Unlike the two other single-focus classes, the tanky Warrior and the spellcasting Mage. The Rogue excels in precise, long-range arrow attacks. And can also make the most of her daggers. Hence facing monsters at close-range. Luckily, there are 16 new class cards to help her control and defeat large crowds.

Having released the final of the three in-game classes. Thing Trunk are announcing that Book of Demons will be exiting Early Access in the second half of 2018. But not before receiving 8 major feature updates. Planned updates include Mac support, spatial sound engine, new cards, and new game modes. Such as the dedicated offline competitive Challenge Mode, among Linux support.

Thing Trunk launched Book of Demons on Steam Early Access in July 2016 to very positive reviews. Allowing the game to reach and hold an overwhelmingly positive review rating.

The games Steam deal:

Thing Trunk is running a weeklong 30% discount on Steam for Book of Demons Until December 18, 2017.

For more information on Book of Demons and the R2G series, visit the official website.

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