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BOOK OF HOURS epic RPG launch is live

book of hours narrative crafting rpg game launches onto linux mac windows pc

BOOK OF HOURS narrative crafting RPG game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Weather Factory deserves a big thank you for their incredible work and dedication. Available now on Steam and GOG with 95% Very Positive reviews.

In BOOK OF HOURS Linux players step into a massive library full of secrets and tales from centuries ago. This isn’t your usual action-packed thrill game. Since it takes a calm, thoughtful approach, inviting you to discover, explore, and rebuild.

Long ago, Hush House stood as a grand fortress of knowledge. But everything changed after a fire. Now, it’s up to you, with a rare skill set, to restore its glory and uncover the hidden truths it holds in the BOOK OF HOURS.

In BOOK OF HOURS you are the newest Librarian, you’re not just about stacking books. You’ll dive deep into mystical texts, discover fascinating curiosities, and use unique tools to unravel hidden stories. While this might sound like a quiet job, your choices will shape history itself.

BOOK OF HOURS launch Trailer

There’s plenty to keep you engaged:

  • Discover and Learn: Find occult books and items, and dive into their mysteries.
  • Crafting Magic: Use special inks, memories, and more to unlock the past.
  • Ancient Wisdom: Learn about the nine Wisdoms and the Elements of the Soul.
  • Helpful Host: Welcome visitors to Hush House and aid in their quests.
  • Hidden Histories: Dive deep into secrets and understand the powerful Hours that rule them.
  • Restoration Project: Bring back the glory of an ancient building that once was an abbey.

You’re not just a librarian in BOOK OF HOURS; you’re a guardian of stories and secrets. As a result, you shape your own backstory. Whether you picture yourself as a wealthy Magnate in search of peace. Maybe an Archaeologist running from their past mistakes. You can also be someone with an even stranger history, the choice is yours.

For those familiar with “Cultist Simulator”, BOOK OF HOURS comes from the same creators. But this narrative crafting RPG is taking a softer approach this time. Since players are in a stunning librarian, surrounded by books, candles, and peace. It’s kind of a haven for anyone who loves the idea of getting lost in their thoughts. Every once in a while, someone might pop in to chat or gift you a rare book. Then leave you to your solitude.

So, if you’re someone who enjoys diving into stories, crafting magical tools. Then influencing the course of history, BOOK OF HOURS offers a unique game. It’s an experience full of wonder, waiting for you to step in and make it your own. The narrative crafting RPG launches on Steam and GOG. Priced at $22.49 USD / £17.99 / 22,05€ with the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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