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BOOK OF HOURS to unwrap deep mysteries

book of hours story crafting rpg game that is working to make its way onto linux mac windows pc

BOOK OF HOURS story crafting RPG game that is working to make its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All the fresh ideas from the imaginative powerhouse that is Weather Factory. Available on both Steam and GOG.

The developer behind that crazy interactive story game, Cultist Simulator. Who also brought to life the amazing world of Fallen London and the Sunless Sea. They’re onto something more expansive, and it’s BOOK OF HOURS. It’s not an actual novel, but a journey.

Weather Factory is teasing with a new trailer, dropping hints about this intriguing adventure. Since the trailer gives us a glimpse into some of the deepest mysteries you will unravel. Mysterious gods, fresh crafting strategies, a Wisdom Tree, and some strange events under the library’s rocks you’re going to rebuild.

BOOK OF HOURS launch trailer

The BOOK OF HOURS story takes place in a library by a winter sea. There’s a storm outside, rain beating against the windows, and all you have is the flickering light from the fireplace. And you’re there, sliding books back into their ancient places. Trying to restore this magical, falling-apart library full of grimoires and mysteries. Taking place in a world in the 1930s with hidden gods and hidden stories. Who will you be as a Librarian in this world?

In BOOK OF HOURS, there are nine starting roles, each with 20-40 hours of exploration. Players are going to get their hands on some very unique story crafting RPG mechanics, due to keep you in control. You’ll be swimming in a deep sea of enchanting lore, written by the same genius behind Fallen London and Cultist Simulator.

The artwork is stunning. They’ve drawn inspiration from fairy tales and Wes Anderson. Definitely a unique blend. Since there are also 101 unique endings to discover on Linux. So that ever time you play, players are still open to find new ways to end your journey.

This isn’t just some digital experience. It’s a story crafting RPG adventure, a tale, a world you can live in and explore. This is BOOK OF HOURS, and it’s due to launch next month, August 17th. Working to make its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on both Steam and GOG.

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