Borderlands 3 could very well be in development

borderlands 3 be in development using unreal engine 4 in linux gaming news

Just recently in gaming news, #RandyPitchford issued a #Twitter post. Hence one of the most active video game industry voices. While constantly responding to fans, listening to feedback and #teasing about things to come. Since we all know that Borderlands 3 is on the way. Yet there isn’t that much information out there. All we have are a couple mock-ups and tech demos.

Also, during the the 2017 Game Developers Conference here have been screenshot of what Borderlands 3 could look like. Apparently there is a tech demo running Unreal Engine 4 being displayed. And since what was display was not concrete ‘in-game’ footage. Yet more of a tease. So the first glance of images from GDC 2017 don’t really show much change from we already know. Hence the standard Borderlands motif. While common sense and the current Borderlands game would certainly look pretty slick. Particularly if it is being built on Unreal Engine 4. Which makes sense as well, Linux support, Vulkan and better hardware optimised.

So as mentioned, Randy Pitchford likes to get us all riled up on Twitter. A few days ago he teased us with a shot of himself all dressed up in mo-cap gear. While this is Randy being Randy. Jokingly pointing out that he ‘may or may not be’ representing a psycho bandit in the next instalment. Hence a playable Randy Pitchford, kind of has a ring to it. A game that Gearbox may be working on.

So with E3 just around the corner. It could be very likely we’ll have more gaming news for Borderlands 3 very soon. More Tiny Tina or Claptrap. Either way, Unreal Engine 4 will be a huge leg out for Linux.

borderlands 3 trailer borderlands 3 tech demo

Do you see Borderlands 3 running Unreal Engine 4? And what frame rates would you expect with Vulkan support?

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