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Born Punk point and click headed to Steam

born punk point and click headed to steam for linux mac windows pc

Born Punk point and click comedy is on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Australian-based developer Insert Disk 22. Who now have a live Steam page which is open to Wishlist support.

Born Punk now has a Steam page for the Insert Disk 22 game. In support of the successful Kickstarter and arts-grant funded debut game.

So you can now Wishlist the point and click adventure, Born Punk. Taking place in 2155 on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Where the player controls three characters. The former combat hacker, a corporate CEO and a gangsta-rapping android. Who also happens to get possessed by mysterious, otherworldly entities. So now you all must come together to save yourselves. While you uncover the entities’ origins.
Also due note, Born Punk promises a lighthearted take on the cyberpunk genre. Since your choices have consequences. As well as refined pixel art graphics like the genre’s classics.

Born Punk point and click comedy Trailer

Falko von Falkner, founder of Insert Disk 22, said: “The cyberpunk genre is traditionally dark and depressing. Painting a future in which humanity’s essence was corrupted by corporate interests and technology. That our species was not ready for. Whilst we stay true to this general theme. It’s important for us to show that there’s also room for humour and hope. Within the genre limits.” He continued, stating that “A cyberpunk world doesn’t need to be an evolutionary dead end. We’re happy to present Born Punk on Steam now. And hope that other people will find our take on the genre. Making it interesting enough to give our wishlist icon a hearty click.”

Born Punk proudly boasts a comprehensive. But also deep setting with myriad details to discover. Plus an amazing soundtrack spearheaded by Jeff Kurtenacker of Wildstar and World of Warcraft fame. Both features are aiming at fully immersing the player. So you can delve into the world of the Baltic metropolis of Bornholm. A world that is not only full of humans, cyborgs and androids. But also pirate cats living in cyberspace and other, equally wacky characters.

Come in the future and find out for yourself. Then see if humanity can still be saved from a depressing, anxiety inducing cyberpunk future. Which is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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