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Bouncy Castle Course hits Golf With Your Friends

bouncy castle course hits golf With your friends game on linux mac windows pc

Bouncy Castle Course launches for the Golf With Your Friends game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative ingenuity of the developer Blacklight Interactive and Team17. Available now on Steam with decent reviews.

Team17 has released three premium Golf With Your Friends DLC packs. All are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The Bouncy Castle Course pack contains a new course. While offering up 18 bouncy castle themed holes. There are also inflatable obstacles, spinning platforms, and countless challenges for golfers. Due to test their putting prowess. Plus a new floatie, trail, and stickers. As an added bonus, only the person hosting the lobby needs to own the Bouncy Castle Course Pack. So that all players in the lobby are able to play the course. The ‘Summer Party’ and ‘Racing’ Cosmetic Packs are also available. Coming with a selection of hats, floaties, stickers, and trails. For players to swing in style with.

Golf With Your Friends | Bouncy Castle Course Update Trailer

From Bouncy Castle Update FAQ:

We are aware of some graphical issues that are occurring with the Bouncy Castle Course Update for Linux players. This has led to an inconsistency in version numbers that meant Linux players were not able to play with Windows and Mac players.
A patch has been deployed to fix this; however, the Bouncy Castle Course still has graphical issues on the Linux setups we have tested. Therefore, we have temporarily disabled the purchase of the new course from Linux devices.

Whilst we work to resolve these issues, we would recommend that Linux users avoid playing the new course with PC/Mac hosts, feel free to continue to play all other courses and game modes as normal.

Key Features:

  • Fantastically themed courses: Tee off on a variety of courses. Including a volcano, and prehistoric putting in the museum. And also an intergalactic round in space!
  • 12-player par-tee: Play with up to 12 friends in simultaneous putting action in the Bouncy Castle Course
  • Game-changing effects: Power-ups and surreal effects change the game of golf in major ways. Doing so from warped gravity to misshapen balls and ball collision!
  • Wacky game modes: Explore outside the box tests aside from the type game of mini-golf, including Golf With Your Friends’ takes on hockey and basketball
  • Make the ball your own: Customisation options include skin, hats, and trails. Due to personalize the golfing gameplay

The new Bouncy Castle Course Update DLC is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on Steam. And also full list of changes in the free quality of life update are available on the Team17 website. The DLC is also priced at $2.99 USD / £2.09 / 2,99€. Should you want to try the Linux build.

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