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Bounty Battle fighting game live on Fig (Linux)

bounty battle fighting game live on fig linux mac windows games

The Fig campaign for Bounty Battle is live for Linux, Mac and Windows. So now’s your chance to help Dark Screen raise $30,000 for their fighting game. Since the games featuring characters from beloved indie games. Such as Guacamelee!, Nuclear Throne, Darkest Dungeon, and more.

So gameplay is Smash Bros. meets indie games. Where players battle across levels inspired by indie game worlds. With more than 20 indie game characters and 10 all new Bounty Battle fighters. And each one comes with their own unique playstyles and combat abilities. While the roster can expand up to 48 heroes, each with their own powers.

Bounty Battle Trailer:

Bounty Battle offers several ways to play: you can choose to skirmish with friend. While also going hardcore in local co-op multiplayer. Or get serious in arcade and challenge modes with online rankings.

The fighting game has some original features that allow players to add elements of strategy. As well as deepening the gameplay by collecting Bounty Points. There are different ways to earn Bounty Points. You can acquire them by creating combos, but also by destroying your opponents.
So if you win, you earn even more money. Yet players will lose Bounty Points if your gameplay lacks originality.

Also use these Bounty Points to buy Minions in the game. There are no microtransactions!

Since certain attacks may affect you, your team, or your opponents using special status marker. This can be positive or negative.
Also, keep an eye out for falling stars. Since players can grab them for temporary speed, life, and energy regeneration bonuses.

In Bounty Battle, players can choose between several types of arenas. Where each guest character will get their own arena to represent the game where they are from. And the better you do in various game modes. You will unlock more than 10 different “skin” for each hero.

So there you have it, Bounty Battle. Since the Fig campaign is live for Linux, Mac and Windows. And currently 38% funded, it’s time to support the campaign, since it ends August 22, 2017.

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