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Bounty Of One is a bullet hell worth playing

bounty of one roguelite bullet hell game is worth playing on linux steam deck mac windows pc

Bounty Of One roguelite bullet hell game is worth playing on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to OptizOnion for crafting such a captivating game. Available on Steam with 93% Very Positive reviews.

Imagine a world in the rugged terrains of the Western Kingdoms. A place where legends are forged and tales of betrayal are common. This is where Bounty Of One takes us. Once revered and celebrated, now you’re an outlaw with a bounty on your head. What’s more? This isn’t just your problem. The entire crew is involved. With bounty hunters closing in, your survival instincts kick in.

Let’s dive into the Linux and Steam Deck mechanics. The pace? Lightning fast. Since Bounty Of One is a perfect blend of roguelite elements and bullet-hell challenges. If you’re not familiar with these terms, think of it as a journey where each play through brings something new. The challenges you face in this roguelite bullet hell will never be the same. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re alone in this. So gather some friends, either in shared split screen or via Steam Play Together, and jump right into the fray. With support for up to four players, teamwork is going to be crucial.

Every wave of enemies is a new challenge. So as you progress in Bounty Of One, these adversaries evolve, becoming tougher and trickier. Communication with your mates becomes crucial. Who gets which loot? Do you need to focus more on offense or defense? Choices, choices!

Bounty Of One | Official Release Trailer

In Bounty Of One, you’re given a vast arsenal of power-ups, skills, and equipment. These aren’t just for show. Each piece of gear or skill you obtain can also turn the tide in your favour. But remember, it’s not just about collecting, it’s about strategy. Do you prioritize faster attacks? Stronger hits? Or perhaps some surprise elements that’ll leave your enemies baffled?

As you wade through the Bounty Of One onslaught, you’ll encounter some very tough bosses. They’re the sheriffs and deputies of this world, since each has a unique set of skills. Your ultimate challenge? The Undertaker. Your goal? Make him pay for placing that bounty on your head.

While your mission remains consistent, the ways to achieve it are numerous. Since each Bounty Of One character you choose to offers a distinct play style. From Serra, the adept archer, to Nigel, the wise and seasoned sheriff. Your game also changes with each pick. And with eight of them available for now, there’s a lot to explore and master.

Lastly, for those of you who keen on achievements, there’s a special place reserved for the best of the best in Bounty Of One: The Hall of Fame. So, not only are you fighting for honor and redemption but also for a place in history.

Bounty Of One offers a thrilling roguelite bullet hell game that’s both challenging and rewarding. Since its a blend of strategy, action, and team work. Available on Steam priced at $6.99 USD / £5.97 / 6,97€. While boasting support for Linux, Steam Deck (Verified), Mac, and Windows PC.

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