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Braid Creator's New Game: The Witness

A new puzzle game set in an open world that doesn’t patronize the player base. Sold.

The fine folks over at Joystiq have gone live with an article where they talk with the creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow, about his new game coming sometime in 2012 — The Witness.

Much like Braid, The Witness is a puzzle adventure that does not hold the player’s hand. In fact, Blow hates that kind of patronizing game development.

“Treating the player like a baby all the time, I don’t like that,” Blow told Joystiq during the Game Developers Conference last week. “What I do is I work really hard to not condescend the player and to not treat the player like they’re stupid, but at the same time to follow good game design practices. This game has to be learnable, and there has to be tutorialization in it, but it’s not patronizing tutorialization.”

Joystiq points out that unlike Braid, The Witness is not a linear experience. The game is set in an open world — a comparatively smaller world than that connotation typically implies in game development — where the player can go about reaching the conclusion how they see fit. In fact, you don’t even need to finish all the game’s puzzles in order to see the credits roll.

According to Blow, The Witness is more about “crafting a small, heavily interconnected jewel that gives people the highest density experience, respecting their time that way. There’s not gonna be a lot of walking around through empty lands in this game.”

As previously mentioned, The Witness will see release sometime later this year on PC and iOS (possibly more platform announcements to come). Consider us intrigued to check it out. If it’s anywhere near as memorable as Braid, then we can’t wait to play it.

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