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Brainmelter Deluxe platformer support request

brainmelter deluxe platformer support request in linux windows games

Brainmelter Deluxe the new platformer games coming to Windows, but needs Linux support. We reached out to developer Cosmocat. Who replied with some good news. With the release coming next week on Steam.

Brainmelter Deluxe is all about melting your brain. While venture through this topsy turvy game. Which is also giving the platformer genre a turn. The games also a challenging, reflex based game. Since the platform title has a literal twist. Where the level rotates 90 degrees when you jump.

Linux Support:

“I’m using Unity. No plans for Linux at this time. But that can always change if there’s demand for it.”

So this is some good news for Brainmelter Deluxe. But once again we also have to vote for support. So I created Steam Discussion post. Share your Tux Love or +1. Alternatively, you can also Wishlist on Steam. As long as we get those votes in. Check out the games trailer below.

Brainmelter Deluxe launch trailer (Window, hopefully Linux)


  • procedurally generated levels. So this mean no two runs are exactly the same
  • beautifully hand drawn cut scenes
  • over the top physics based deaths in Brainmelter Deluxe
  • lush retro inspired graphics. Also modern dynamic lighting and particle effects
  • a silky smooth funk and instrumental hip-hop soundtrack to help ease your saltiness

Brainmelter Deluxe‘s randomized levels. The games also has a permadeath system. Meaning it’s best suited to those looking for a challenge. One which also requires mastery of the mechanic. As well as lightning fast reflexes. Okay, maybe not lightning. But you have to be objective and show some skill. That is if you’re up for the challenge?

Brainmelter Deluxe platformer is getting to release on Steam. The games going to be priced at $4.99 USD. Plus a 25% launch week discount on March 29th. Which should also work with Proton. Since the games coming to Windows. But with enough support, Linux as well.