Brass board game releases on Steam for Linux

brass board game releases on steam for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

All fans of the classic board game Brass can now play on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Since the digital adaptation is releases from Polish independent studio Cublo Games. The release comes from cooperation with board game publisher PHALANX. After the success of the Steam Greenlight campaign. Also followed by two weeks of Open Beta tests. The games is now releases on Steam. Including support for single-player, multi-player, online multi-player, shared/split screen and cross-platform multiplayer.

While Brass is the perfect game for enthusiasts of classic economy-based board games. Right now, you can play the PC adaptation across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on Steam priced at $9.99 USD.

About Brass
Brass is a digital adaptation of the highly acclaimed economic strategy board game. It takes place during the Industrial Revolution, and requires players to concentrate and use their intellect and ruthlessness in order to earn a great fortune. Players take on various entrepreneurial roles, each charged with the mission of building an economic engine that will surpass your opponents.

Brass PC Trailer:

BRASS – Main Features:

  • BUILD 
    Industry is the key to success. Will you become a Cotton Magnate and own the most Cotton Mills in Lancashire? Or do you prefer to trade Coal and Iron with others? The construction of Ports and Shipyards is also key – it is impossible to function without them in the long term.
    Start by building canals, and then railways, to connect towns and cities. It’s the only way to benefit from all the industries built across the country, even those owned by your opponents!
    R&D is essential. The more well developed your industries, the more effective they are. Should others neglect development, your path to victory will be easier.
    It’s not what you have produced, but the things you sell that will make you ‘brass’ (pronounced with a thick Yorkshire accent – ‘brass’ being a local colloquialism for money). Watch the markets carefully and sell at the right time!
  • WIN 
    Use the supplies you produce, activate different Industries, upgrade the railways, save money. Only the most effective entrepreneur will be victorious.

Brass is releases across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on Steam priced at $9.99 USD.

To learn more, visit the game’s official website and the Brass profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

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