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Bravery and Greed native support and Demo

bravery and greed dungeon brawler games linux support and demo for windows pc

Bravery and Greed dungeon brawler games Linux support and Demo for Windows PC. Which is the work of developer Rekka Games. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Rekka Games is gearing up for the upcoming, up-to-four-player, co-operative beat ‘em up dungeon brawler, Bravery and Greed.
Melding classic fantasy arcade game play with permadeath and roguelike elements. While including an objective of grabbing fistfuls of gold and treasure. Due to include several modes for players to loot and plunder. Now offering players a chance to play a free Demo in the Steam Next Fest.

Rekka Games also reconfirmed that Bravery and Greed is still due to get a Linux release.

We’re still planning Linux support, I can’t say for day one, but that’s definitely our plan

According to the email, there is November 15th launch date. Which is a bit of a surprise. Plus we may or may not see a day one release for the Unity 3D game.
However, the current demo is playable via Proton. Clearly, I’m a fan of the game. Which does plays rather well, should you be interested in delving into gameplay. The stream highlights below offer up a further look into what you can expect.

Bravery and Greed | First Look Stream Highlights

Evoking classic adventure video games of the 1980s and 1990s. Bravery and Greed offers four classes to choose from. Like the agile Rogue, the valiant Warrior or the eccentric Wizard. Each with their own unique skills and abilities. Due to help them survive long enough to loot everything (and anything) they can get their hands on.
Bravery and Greed features several unique game modes for players. Including Adventure mode – a traditional campaign with a variety of environments and enemies for players to tackle. Horde mode – an increasing challenge with waves of unrelenting enemies. As well as PvP modes for players to settle their grudges in head to head combat.

Bravery and Greed dungeon brawler games is currently available to Wishlist on Steam. The free Demo offers players a chance to explore gameplay ahead of launch via Proton. Due to offer support for both Linux and Windows PC, on or after the November 15th launch.

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