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Brawl of Ages the Free to Play strategy now in Early Access

brawl of ages the free to play strategy on early access in linux gaming news

S2 Games is the publisher of the Free to Play, multiplayer #CollectableCard #Arena #game, Brawl of Ages. Hence the MOBA is now available on Steam. While making news, drawing gaming elements from the more exciting and competitive aspects. Since it is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Expect the gameplay to include other genres, MOBA’s, RTS and Tower Defense.

So in Brawl of Ages, players will get into real-time multiplayer skirmishes. While using decks of cards that compliment the attack and defense of a player’s towers, via grunts. And since there are three towers per side. The strongest tower is right in the middle and a body of water splits into two paths. for each side to cross on the left and right top and bottom.


  • Fast-paced 1v1 arena battles.
  • Matchmaking & Ladder rankings.
  • Full Featured Brawl Clubs (clans): Text & Voice Chat, Friendly Challenge with up to 50 Club members. Compete in the Club v Club Ladder and earn extra free content together.
  • Built-in VoIP and text chat in Smash Parties where you & your friends can challenge each other and compete for the bounty rewarded to the final champion.
  • Robust crafting system allowing players to directly craft the cards they desire most.
  • Gameplay modes & experience that caters to both highly competitive & casual gamers.

Since the gameplay is easy enough for players control their Minions quite well. Hence S2 Games will have to rely on the branding of their Strife characters. All while carve out a niche all their own in the top-heavy collectible card game genre.

“Brawl of Ages is designed for both the casual & competitive gaming communities. To start, we removed any restrictive time-gating barriers that forced players to endure slow & painful game progression. We feel that the best way to get people to play and enjoy Brawl of Ages as much as we do is to, you know, let them!”

At the very least, Brawl of Agescomes swinging with a bevy of gameplay modes at launch, including a season-based Ladder So So the modes Modes include Conquest. So get those ten wins in before three losses for nice prizes. There is also a Brawl Club that fits up to 50 players at once.

Being that the gaming experience is on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Those eager players should follow development on Facebook and Twitter.

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