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Break Arts II mech racing could see Linux release

break arts II mech racing could see linux release beside windows games

PLAYISM is proud to announce that after the major success of Break Arts II. Since the games debut at PAX West and Tokyo Game Show. Break Arts II is releasing a customization demo for players.
So don’t go getting too eager. The demo’s only available on Windows. Also, the demo just allows players to create their own robots in advance. This is ahead of the release coming this year for Windows via Steam. But the games actually developed in Unity 3D, believe it or not. Which looks quite good for a mech racing simulation game.

Linux release?

“Hi Todd,

Break Arts II is currently being built in Unity. We don’t have any plans at the moment to do the Linux versions.”

So develop Mercury Studio are relying on the Windows release. Yet at the moment there are no plans. Meaning, with a great reception/sales on Steam and other digital stores, we could see a release.
How well a games is received in the public, migrating from a mobile release to PC is tricky. This is an open ended answer. So we are issuing a Linux support post in Discussions. Another cast for Tux love. Hopefully we’ll also see a native release for the mech racer.

Break Arts II Trailer:

After its predecessor Break Arts: Cyber Battle RacingBreak Arts II brings in a variety of changes, upgrades and adaptions.
The biggest change from the previous game is the depth of the robot and weapon customization. Assemble your robot from multiple parts each with their own abilities, allowing for unlimited possibilities! There are also parts which unfold, come apart and revolve, so you can make your dream machine!

The Customization Demo

While PLAYISM received somee amazing feedback from PAX West. As well as the Tokyo Game Show. Break Arts II is releasing the customization demo to the public. Ahead of the the games release. In this demo, you will be able to build your own fully customizable robot. Also, keep in mind, the Demo’s obviously only for Windows.

The racing features are not part of the demo. However, you will be able to transfer your creation to the full version once there is a release.

Break Arts II Customization Demo.

Break Arts II Features

  • Beautiful visual design
  • Horizontal boosting – new to the racing genre!
  • Now you can observe online races
  • Select your pose on the podium after the race. We wouldn’t dream of leaving out the humor!
  • A heaven for people who love robots

Break Arts II is headed to Steam. Although no release date or price is available yet.

**Please note that as this game is still in development. Transfer of data is not a guarantee. Certain features may see an addition or a change without prior notice.**

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