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Breathedge new video and native support

breathedge new video and linux support for this space adventure rpg

Since Breathedge is a space survival game for Windows, and likely Linux as well via Steam. Developer RedRuins Softworks simply cannot pass on issues of life. You know those of an ordinary human being in outer space. And what it turns into under zero G.

Linux support:

“About Linux I`ll have the info at autumn. Engine – UE4”

So these not exactly hardcore details. But the release is a ways off yet. Which means we have to wait. Since Unreal Engine 4 obviously has Linux support. And we will have full news coming this Fall. Since we had to wait for games like Everspace and Ruiners.

Breathedge is an ironic outer space survival adventure game. Take on the role of a simple guy. Since he just carried his grandpa’s ashes to a galactic funeral. Finding himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy.

Following an established tradition, there is a video dedicated to everyday matters in space. This time there’s no urine or other indecencies. Although a toilet still managed to get in the shot. Since this trailer only shows the simple things that the hero will come across. Such as food, sleep, an attempt to wash (as in a famous no-magic game, in the age of dense antiquity), and something else…

Breathedge – Cosmonautics Day video (Windows and hopefully Linux)

Breathedge is a space survival game. All you need to do…is breath.

Don’t limit yourself to the obvious actions. Such as eating or kicking down doors. It takes real creativity to beat up someone you just beat. Since there is a well-elaborated storyline. Also a villain, a princess, heaps of hilarious quests. Including your chick, grandpa’s portrait and someone elses.

RedRuins Softworks are working on Breathedge at full speed. And the space adventure will start this year. The game has its own Steam page. Which will be coming to Early Access. While in development lasting somewhere within 16 months.

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