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Brinefall open world RPG testing a native build

brinefall open world rpg game testing native build for linux with windows pc

Brinefall open world RPG testing native build for Linux with Windows PC. All thanks to the efforts and work of developer Qwerty Studio. Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Take part in Brinefall, a small region rich in minerals and treasure, but cursed and abandoned. Mystery and adventure await, but only for those who dare to face the merciless banshees. Gather resources, find treasures, and even build your own village. Doing so in this sandbox RPG that combines combat, exploration, and construction. Will you be the one who rids Brinefall of the curse and claims the land? Or will you perish and become a pile of treasure?

Now developer Qwerty Studio is working on Linux support. Stating in an email reply, “will add Linux support so it should be working”. Currently working on a test build, with plans to offer a port for the September 2022 release. Due to raise $12,000 CAD ($9,350 USD) by June 17th, 2022.

Brinefall Kickstarter Trailer

Brinefall is a sandbox RPG game that centers around three basic pillars. So you can expect exploration, combat, and building. You will be able to gather resources and design your house. Then travel through a beautiful and immense world. But beware, terrible banshees haunt the place. So you will have to solve the mystery of the curse. But also keep your townsfolk alive.

Gather resources to build your own home and village. Explore a vast open world to find all its secrets and explore its mysteries. Defeat enemies and gather loot in Brinefall that combines sandbox and RPG.

The core system and the world are finished. Qwerty are building the game flow, balancing and adding treasures everywhere. The next phase will be to have the game tested by the community to get feedback and iterate with you to get something that feels good and is fun.

Brinefall open world RPG crowdfunding campaign just started on Kickstarter. Due to make its way onto Linux as well as Windows PC in 2022. Also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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