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Bring Starcraft 2 to linux – petition still going strong.

I am a prominent linux user. I am starting this thread because I want to bring your attention Husky to the fact that there are other operating systems besides Windows and Mac OS and to ask you to give Blizzard the piece of your mind.
Why should you do that? Because we asked:)
And you probably will want to read the rest. I will post the relevant links in the replies.
I have been using linux since 2006. I have started with SUSE Linux distribution of Linux and then have moved on to Ubuntu, which I consider one of the most usable operating systems. Just to give you an example, it takes only 30 seconds from the moment I press the power button to the moment I can start watching HDH Invitational on youtube. Windows 7 at the other hand takes more than 45 seconds to give me the same great experience. So, since I have recieved my starcraft 2 beta key, I have to wait 15 seconds later to access youtube and see the awesome gameplay videos and listen to the great commentaries, so I can win more on But if Blizzard brings Starcraft 2 to ubuntu linux or any linux for that matter, it will make my life and lives of millions of other linux users so much better. It will even enable me to ditch windows forever and attract many gamers to linux operating system.
So please Husky, talk to Blizzard, or make a video discussing this issue.
Best regards, your fan and linux user, Alisher Akhmetov.

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