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Broforce Forever launches in a major update

broforce forever launches in a new major update for the game on linux mac and windows pc

Broforce Forever launches in a new major update for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant team at Free Lives for their amazing work. Available now on both Steam (with a discount) and Humble Store.

If you’re seeking an epic game, then let me walk you through the new major update, Broforce Forever. Since this levels up the action-packed rollercoaster with heroics, intense challenges, and unmatched camaraderie. Doing so under the banner of freedom.

Broforce, an iconic game that launched in 2015 on Linux, is more than just a form of fun. It’s a movement, a testament to what the world of digital storytelling and creativity could achieve. And now, with Broforce Forever, the legacy continues, stronger than ever.

Evolution of a Classic

Bringing back a classic isn’t just about adding new characters or increasing pixel density. It’s about reigniting that flame. And with Broforce Forever, the creators have certainly outdone themselves. Developing this new version that took longer than creating the original. And while not all original plans came to fruition, the final product is refined. Full of unique features that cater to both old fans and new adventurers on Linux.

Broforce Forever | Out Now

For those who’ve journeyed with the Broforce team in the past, embark on this journey afresh. Relive the adventures, and reminisce about the golden age of digital exploration in Broforce Forever. While let the essence of the original take over once more.

New Challenges Await

So get ready for a bevvy of new adventures in Broforce Forever. The creators have introduced brand-new levels, Muscle Temples. In these tests, you’re required to work through intricate temples. Since each has distinct threats and enemies. These aren’t just routine levels; they demand skill, tactics, and sheer will to overcome. Beating these tests earns you unique flexes – gestures of victory. Which you can use through your adventures.

This new major update brings in six new characters:

  • Seth Brondle: This isn’t your typical Broforce Forever hero. With the ability to climb ceilings and explosive teleportation, he takes on enemies in style.
  • Xebro: A master of the flying Chakram, Xebro defends the helpless, striking foes with accuracy.
  • Desperabro: This character brings a twist. Due to blending the magic of music with raw firepower. Prepare to be enchanted!
  • Broffy the Vampire Slayer: Think stakes, purification, and a dash of resurrection. A literal nightmare for Broforce Forever enemies.
  • Burt Brommer: A symbol of relentless freedom, either taking enemies down with finesse or raw force.
  • Demolition Bro: With explosive tricks up his sleeve, ensures foes end up, well, on ice.

Upgraded Threats in Broforce Forever

In Broforce Forever, the enemy is tougher, and more grim. From the Motorbike Maniacs, that stop at nothing to hinder your progress. To the big blimps in the sky, every corner hides a some kind of threat. But with teamwork, skill, and a dash of courage, victory is in reach.

Broforce Forever isn’t just a sequel; it’s a game journey into a world of hero’s and tests. Whether you’re a fan looking for more or a newcomer eager to dive into an epic adventure. This is a new major update you’ve been waiting for. Launching on Steam (with an 80% discount). Dropping the price to $2.99 USD / £2.55 / 2,95€. Regular price on Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Plus it’s Steam Deck playable.

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