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BROK the InvestiGator the adventure is due in 2022

brok the investigator the adventure game is due to release in 2022 on linux and windows pc

BROK the InvestiGator the adventure game is due to release in 2022 on both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer COWCAT. Working to make its way onto both Steam and GOG.

This “Punch & Click” adventure game mixed with “Beat ’em up” has received a lot of praise. On Steam (97% positive) and GOG (4.8/5) reviews.
BROK the InvestiGator is as story driven game that mixes action, puzzles, and investigation. Doing so in never before seen ways. Will you use your brain… or your brawn?

French developer and publisher COWCAT now announces that its most ambitious project to date. BROK the InvestiGator is now slated for 2022 on Windows PC. But what is the story with Linux support?

Day one I will only manage Windows builds because I expect to release patches and it’s hard to maintain many builds at once, it’s a complex game. And there’ll be a proper Linux build once the game is stable enough.

COWCAT email reply also points out that the Prologue runs well via Proton. Which is indeed true. If you haven’t played BROK the InvestiGator Prologue yet, check it out on Steam, it’s free.
As for the Linux release, it makes sense. Since having a focus on one platform for fixes and patches is easier. But there is a Linux build coming, AFTER the Windows PC launch. Which will also offer a further benefit for Linux players, as a more refined game.

BROK the InvestiGator – Anniversary Trailer

BROK the InvestiGator takes place in a futuristic “light cyberpunk” world. Animals have replaced humans, while privileged citizens live under a protective dome from the ambient air pollution. As others struggle to make a living on the outside. A deep and emotional story rich experience similar to classic 80s/90s cartoons.
Gameplay is a unique mix of classic adventure games with beat’em up. All voiced by professional voice actors such as Bryan Olson (Max from Streets of Rage 4) and Michael Kovach (Hazbin Hotel, Lackadaisy).


  • Solve puzzles with your wits… or muscles!
  • Make choices impacting gameplay and/or story
  • Easy mode for pure “Point & Click” gameplay (fights can be skipped)
  • Level up to beat enemies and bosses
  • Combine clues to uncover the truth!
  • In-game hints
  • Two playable characters, switch at any time
  • 15 to 20 hours long on the first playthrough
  • Multiple distinct endings to unlock
  • Fully voice acted (23,000 lines)
  • All controls supported (mouse, keyboard, or controller)

BROK the InvestiGator adventure game is due to release in Q3 2022. The release date is still TBD. Launching first on Windows PC, followed by a Linux build once the game is ready on Steam and GOG.

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