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Broken Age Act 2 ready for a Spring release while Tim Schafer reacts to Peter Molyneux

As we are all still waiting for the conclusion of Broken Age, the #pointandclick adventure #game from #DoubleFine. The titles is expected for a spring release and Double Fine just released new information for the the second half of the game, Act 2. As Tim Schafer outlines, everything is written, voices are recorded, the gameplay programming is locked, testing and finishing up of the game on all platforms is currently in progress. Here’s the progress of the game straight from Tim Schafer:

The state of Peter Molyneux‘s Kickstarter crowdfunded Godus was a hot point of contention. The game has failed to come together in the way that he had promised, leaving many backers angry at the game’s progress. After a series of trying interviews, Molyneux said he was not going to talk to the press ever again out of a fear of more promises and disappointing fans.

Molyneux certainly received some rough treatment, but his game is failing to produce as promised. And, people are not entitled to anything if a Kickstarter goes awry, all that can do is be annoyed.


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