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Broken Reality puzzle adventure native release

broken reality puzzle adventure linux release

Broken Reality is a first-person puzzle/adventure game for Windows on Steam, but coming to Linux and Mac. All thanks to Dynamic Media Triad, an indie game development studio based in Mexico City. Who are also eager to announce the release tomorrow, November 29th. While Linux and Mac versions will follow and launch by the end of December.

Broken Reality takes place in a world where Internet sites are 3D places rather than 2D pages. The game is a crafted with a vaporwave flare and is certain to entertain you. Since you can reflect on your digital existence and immerse yourself in a 3D parody of the internet. So expect diverse puzzles, beautiful worlds, friends, experiences, upgrades and more, await those who “log on”!

Broken Reality Release Trailer (Windows, then Linux and Mac)

So clearly the Broken Reality trailer looks really weird. But it’s colourful, maybe something that’s a reflection of past 2D games. While including a true classic nostalgic feel. I know this because I’m already playing it.
True fact, Broken Reality is built in Unity 3D and works via Steam Play. Even though the games also coming to Linux and Mac in December. Anyone triggered? You can even try the Windows Demo on Steam.

Now after years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign. Broken Reality is ready to bring this experience to the public. Described by Kotaku as, “weird as hell”. Digital Media Triad hopes to demonstrate that weird is good. The developer provides players with a fresh and fun experience while accenting the beauty of the vaporwave aesthetics.

In Broken Reality the player takes control of a nameless, faceless user after creating their account on the system. The gameplay is itself a commentary on the state of the internet and social media. Both in truth and post-truth era. While being a light-hearted parody of many famous internet sites, corporations and activities. So yes it’s weird, but presents a unique calming style of gameplay.

Broken Reality puzzle adventure is coming to Steam tomorrow on Windows. Priced at $14.99 USD, so definitely reasonable. While the Linux and Mac launch will take place before the end of December. But since the game works via Steam Play now, well, it’s your choice.

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