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'Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse' announced for late 2013

Revolution Software confirmed that the PS Vita version of the upcoming 2D adventure game will arrive later this year, alongside the launch of the PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android editions.

Helmed by series developer Revolution Software, it reunites creator Charles Cecil with members of the team from the original Broken Sword games including Rolf Saxon, the original voice actor of George.

Announced through Kickstarter, for $15 players can get a digital copy of the game on release alongside a series of bonus material.

Higher categories give fans their own signed game documents, original artwork and personalised drawings, a mention in the game and an invite to a wrap-up party.

“The process of game development has previously been remote from our fans,” said managing director Charles Cecil.

“By self-publishing, we now have a direct relationship with our audience – a position that we value enormously.

“We’re delighted that the latest Broken Sword title is to be the first of our adventures that we can take with our fans. By pledging support now, we’ll be going on a journey which will end when the opening credits roll – it’s going to be excellent.”

He added: “Crucially, Kickstarter support will enable us to create – for the very first time – an adventure game with total creative freedom.”

The first two Broken Sword games have received Director’s Cut editions on iOS and Android.

Revolution Software also released news this week that Broken Sword – the Serpent’s Curse is approaching Alpha. The complete date has been pushed out slightly into August. Obviously the first half is well past Alpha state, so the focus is really on the second half. Defining this Alpha as:

      • Each scene on the game’s critical path is fully implemented. All game areas are accessible.
      • All key artwork associated with the game implemented. Black and white layouts for 20% of scenes acceptable. Limited facial animation / speech animation. Placeholder art on menus, title and option screen acceptable.
      • Intro cut scene time locked so composition can start. Other in-game cut scenes and outro won’t be complete.
      • Menu screens, hints, save and restore all functional, but will require cosmetic work.
      • The game is free of bugs that stop the player from completing the game.

This means Revolution are well on track for a release date, late 2013.

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