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Browser version of ‘Escape Goat’ opens play to Linux and Mac users


An HTML5 port of MagicalTimeBean’s Escape Goat is now available to play in web browsers. A full version of the game is available through September 9th, and a demo version of the game will remain after.

Escape Goat is already available on the PC and Xbox Live Indie Games, but the browser version gives Linux and Mac users their first chance to play. It includes a built-in level creator, which also allows players to share levels, and two user-created worlds with over 40 new rooms.

Escape Goat is a puzzle platformer. Players take on the role of an imprisoned goat who manipulates and destroys its environment with the help of a mousy friend. The game launched in the Xbox Live Marketplace in November of 2011, followed by a PC release in June of this year. You can play the game in Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer by visiting



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