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Bryan Lunduke's Projects To Go Open Source


Linux Tycoon developer Bryan Lunduke announced plans to move to an open source, donation-supported business model for all of his released titles.

“During this process I am making regular (multiple times per day) updates and trying to keep everything documented and transparent,” Lunduke explains. “In this way I hope to provide a solid case-study on moving a proprietary software business to Open Source — In the hope that others can follow and do the same.”

To fund full-time development, Lunduke requires monthly donations totaling $4,000. If Lunduke successfully raises $4,000 over the next week, he will make Illumination Software Creator, Linux Tycoon, BLABA, 2299: THE GAME, Radical Comic Designer, and The Lunduke SDK open source projects.

Donations (both one-time and subscription-based) can be made at Lunduke’s website.


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