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Buccaneers! pirate RPG native port and Proton

buccaneers! pirate rpg game native port and proton for linux via windows pc

Buccaneers! pirate RPG game native port and Proton for Linux via Windows PC. All thanks to the creative efforts of developer Skyward Digital. Available on both Steam and GOG with 80% Positive reviews.

After four years of development by a team of three, full Buccaneers! game is now available. It’s been a long and difficult journey, but Skyward Digital is proud of what they have created. On top of that, we have an email reply from the developer regarding Linux. Confirming both the game engine and their plans.

We’re using Unity to develop the game. We’d love to look into it in future though.

So this is not a formal confirmation for Linux, but there is hope for Buccaneers!. But even more so, the developers confirm there is Proton support. Although checking ProtonDB, nothing.
But Skyward also points out, “we don’t have immediate plans for a native Linux port as we’ve got our hands full with VR and non-VR support on Windows.” Testing those versions is already keeping the three member team very busy. Despite not saying No to Linux, there is indeed hope for the pirate RPG. We all know by now that Unity 3D makes porting easier.

Buccaneers! Announcement Trailer

Also, this needs a mention, the Buccaneers! prologue quest from the free demo is also included in the full game. But if you’ve already completed it, you can skip it when you start a new game. If not, it’s highly recommended to keep it enabled. The end of the prologue is an important moment that sets up the story for the rest of the game.

In the main Buccaneers! quest, you get to choose which faction to join after a brief intro sequence, and the game opens up after that. You can follow the events of the story or explore the open world and do as you please – the choice is yours!

Take command of your own sailing warship and engage in intense naval battles where superior strategy wins the day. Sink or capture enemy ships and storm coastal forts to gain land for your faction, then upgrade your ship or acquire a larger one to become the most feared captain in the Caribbean!

Buccaneers! pirate RPG is getting Positive reviews on Steam. Along with word that the Windows PC build runs on Linux via Proton. Available for purchase on both Steam and GOG. With the 20% discount, the games is priced at $14.39 USD / £11.19 / 11,99€.

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