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Build 'n Bump the 2D brawler is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Build ‘n Bump, a #2D #multiplayer “head-stomping” brawler is making its way to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC now on Steam Greenlight!
The “head-stomping” #game is inspired by the classic DOS game, Jump ‘n Bump. The catch, however, players can build their own levels right before they play on them. This new version of Build ‘n Bump also adds the ability to save/load levels, as well as 2-6 local and online multiplayer, new graphics, music, and extra game modes.

The HTML5 version is only for two players on one keyboard, but it does introduce the idea of being able to edit the level while playing on it. Build ‘n Bump for Linux, Mac and Windows PC combines the concepts from both versions and incorporates several new ideas.

The following features will be included:

  • 2-6 local multiplayer (4 controllers, 2 on keyboard)
  • At least 2 players online
  • The ability to save and load created levels
  • Five block types to build with (regular, spring, platform, spike, and dissolving)
  • Single-player practice mode against stationary targets
  • Special game mode where one player can be the “level master” and edit the level in real-time while the other players are fighting

Features in the works but not guaranteed:

  • AI bots
  • Additional languages
  • Steam cards and achievements

Build ‘n Bump is being developed by Roppy Chop Studios, a small team that previously released three local multiplayer games on XBLIG and five educational apps for Android and iOS. Now the team is branching out for cross-platform gaming for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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