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Builders of Greece running tests for Linux

builders of greece city builder game is running tests for linux with windows pc ahead of the prologue

Builders of Greece city builder game is running tests for Linux with Windows PC ahead of the Prologue. Which is the result of the work from BLUM Entertainment and Strategy Labs. Working to make its way into a Steam release.

As announced in the recently published Content RoadMap. Now Blum Entertainment moves on to the next stage of its project development. Due to open a dedicated Builders of Greece: Prologue Steam Page.

From now on, players from all around the world can add the Prologue to their Steam Wishlist. Due to try their hand as a ruler of an ancient Greek city state. This is also a pre-release version of the game due in Q2 2023. The Prologue will be based on a story scenario. One whose main goal is to introduce the player to basic mechanics. Which also includes the managing systems and the general vibe of Builders of Greece. But we also have news regarding Linux, in the works.

As for the Linux support – we are still running tests. But rest assured that we will do our best to provide such support.

The development of Builders of Greece looks like it may have a Linux build. Thanks to a community forum comment, the developer is running tests. As for myself, I hope the Prologue will include Linux support. This would be a welcomed addition for the community.

Builders Of Greece Trailer

Builders of Greece is a city management game. One that also lets you display your strategic and economic mastery. Have your builders and craftsmen raise amazing structures and monuments in your name. Take good care of your loyal subject’s needs. While you expand your reign with hard work, politics, profitable trade connections, or even war. As for yourself, look closely into all the nuances of planning. Including diplomacy and economics. Face numerous varied tests, unexpected events, and promising opportunities. So you can make your city expand beyond the horizons and let the word of its splendor reach the furthest corners of this land. Builders of Greece grants you the opportunity to witness the greatness of Hellenic metropolises before the time of Roman conquests.

Builders of Greece city builder game’s Prologue is due in Q2 2023. But do note, Linux support with Windows PC is in testing. In the meantime, Wishlist the base game on Steam. And prepare for the Prologue on Steam.

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