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BulletRage arcade shooter and the latest update

bulletrage arcade shooter and the latest update in linux mac windows games

BulletRage arcade shooter update in Linux, Mac and Windows games. An intense 1 to 4 players twin-stick arcade shooter coming to Kickstarter soon. But there is a Steam page.

BulletRage has had a playable Linux build available for a while now. So we reached out to get a heads up on the 2018. Or at least, the plans for the coming release.

Linux Release Update:

“We have actually been making sure BulletRage works on Linux for a while now. And maintain a Linux build a few builds back.
Right now we are focused on figuring out Kickstarter. So that we can put in all the features that our community wants. The launch for Windows, Linux, OSX would. Comes about 2-3 months after the Kickstarter completes.”

So the only detail that remains. When will Kickstarter crowdfunding begin? No release date is available yet. Since it looks like the campaign will be coming soon. Releasing for Linux, Mac and Windows. I’d expect sometime around April 2019.

A further update: If you are interested in becoming a Linux tester for BulletRage. And want to explore the arcade shooter. Hit me up on Discord. Steam keys are coming soon.

Also, here’s an early new feature update:

“We are wrapping up the integration for Twitch currently. It allows twitch viewers to summon monsters. Such as Dungeon Masters. And also vote on status effects. Since this applies to all players in the game.”

It seems the Kickstarter will be coming soon. Development is very active. And the new features show signs of a Beta. You can also sign up. Getting into the BulletRage Beta signup on the official website.

BulletRage has the player optimising your character. Choosing from hundreds of deadly weapon loadouts. Then taking to the challenge. Tearing through over 40 levels. Facing crazy traps and enemies. While trying to win for humanity’s survival.

Fight through the campaign story, battle to the top of leaderboards. You can also use the level editor to make and share devious levels.

BulletRage Trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows)


  • Hundreds of unlockable weapon loadout configurations
  • 5 difficulties fine-tuned for casual to competitive gameplay
  • Up to 4 players with local or online multiplayer
  • Giant boss fights of epic proportions in BulletRage
  • More than 40 hand-crafted levels in campaign mode
  • Acquire achievements to unlock player and weapon skins
  • Use the built-in level editor. Create levels you can share with world
  • Twitch Dungeon Master Mode: Viewers have the ability to unleash deadly enemies and effects
  • Dozens of exciting arcade power-ups and unique enemies
  • Cross-platform leaderboards
  • Multi-platform release. With initial release on Linux, Mac and Windows

So as it stands right now. We are waiting on the BulletRage Kickstarter. And this is just the games small update. Letting you all know the campaign. Which is also coming for Linux, Mac and Windows. While development continues regardless of the crowdfunding campaign.

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