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Bundle of the Damned features spooky games to get you in the Halloween spirit


A spooky-themed bundle of games for PC (with some also compatible with Mac/Linux) is currently featured on Groupees, a website that promotes these ‘pay what you want’ bundles of music, games, and other media. The Bundle of the Damned includes: Cryostasis (a psychological horror game from Action Forms, set on an icebreaker near the North Pole in 1981), Manor of the Damned (a ‘retro-inspired action RPG’ from The Hideout), and a collection of 20 songs from ‘Halloween music maestros’ Midnight Syndicate to really get you in the mood.

This basic package can be purchased for as little as $1 (at today’s exchange rate, 62p), but if you have a dig in your pockets and manage to come up with $4 (£2.49) to put towards it you’ll also get BlindSide (an audio-only adventure game that ups the fear factor by actually requiring you to play it blind), Anna (a first-person adventure set in an abandoned sawmill), and Post Morterm (a thriller in which you play a detective investigating a beheading). A percentage of all the money spent on the bundle will go to UNICEF.

More content – a movie called Demon Summer and a 52-page comic called The Deathlings: Anne’s Story #1 – has been added since 2,500 bundles have been sold. When that number reaches 5,000, more music will be thrown in.

The bundle will be live for the next four days, so make sure you get it before the whole Halloween thing dies down and everything is Christmas-themed instead.

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