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Bunny Bash indie action deathmatch now available with a discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Hold onto your hare and prepare for the bunnapocolypse with the #release of Bunny Bash by DarkArts Studios, an action-packed #online #multiplayer death-match arena game with cute, adorable, yet dangerous bunnies… Available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via STEAM, this Early Access download can be yours with a 10% discount off its regular USD $15.99 price tag for a limited period of time. The objective of the game is to pick your bunny and enter levels of bunny blitzing mayhem. Take on your friends or meet new people as you demolish them into piles of bunny-goo.

The once wonderful Bunnytropolises filled with tranquil hopping past­ times are no longer the sanctuary and place of bliss it used to be. Today, it has become a bunny’s worst nightmare, a terrible Bunnapocolypse, where mega-cute bunnies grind, smash and bash on each other’s fur in a state of bunny stomping frenzy. Come join the fun!

Bunny Bash offers 4 unique environmentally different worlds to play with seven challenging levels. Play quickly, or strategically, by selecting different gameplay modes, and prepare to stir up some fur. Your fluffy companion offers skin, fur and even “fluff” customizations, allowing you to tailor and perfect your very own bunny-stomping machine. Overcome obstacles and avoid traps as you hop yourself to victory against opponent players. Power-ups (and power-downs) can be life-savers during the game, and the trash-talk will make you cry with laughter.

Bunny Bash is a hysterical game full of humor and fun. It offers endless hours of multiplayer bunny-bashing fun with more levels, more worlds and more content promised by the developer until its official release with the support of its growing fan base and community. Download today!

Bunny Bash is available now on Steam with a 10% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.






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