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Bzzzt 2D platformer release will test you

bzzzt 2d platformer is a jump-dash-run game due to release on linux steam deck mac windows pc

Bzzzt 2D platformer is a jump-dash-run game due to release on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. From the imaginative mind and dedicated efforts of developer KO.DLL comes this unique and captivating creation. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Exciting news from Cinemax! They’ve announced the release of Bzzzt, a 2D platformer due to launch on November 13, 2023, on Steam. This game promises a thrilling ride, especially for those who like action-packed challenges.

Bzzzt stands out as a 2D platformer where speed and agility are key. Taking on a world where your reflexes and quick thinking are constantly put to the test. That’s exactly what you can expect. It’s a nod to the classics from the 1980s but with a fresh, modern twist. The pixel art style is a unique blend, bringing a futuristic vibe. All while paying homage to the golden era of arcades on Linux and Steam Deck.

In this digital playground, you step into the shoes of ZX8000, a small robot, navigating through a maze of traps and adversaries that demand precision and skill. The Bzzzt setting is rich with animation and variety, ensuring that every moment of this 2D platformer is exciting.

The mastermind behind this experience is Karel Matějka, also known as KO.DLL. He created his first game at just twelve years old. With over 30 years in the industry, Matějka has contributed to significant projects. Such as Mafia, Operation Flashpoint, ArmA, and several others. His journey has been one of passion and dedication, with a dream to revive the essence of the 1980s’ digital play. Bzzzt is his way of sharing that nostalgic magic of 2D platformer games with today’s players.

Bzzzt – 2D Platformer Release Date Trailer

Matějka explains, “Maybe it’s my passion for pixel art, the magic of old titles boosting players’ imagination, or feeling comfortable in the past. All that led me to try making these the old way again – to see if that miraculous ’80s magic could still work. And if I could share my first 8-bit experiences and feelings with nowadays players.”

He adds, “If it weren’t for the 8-bit computers, I would never have started creating. It was love at first sight. My feelings while playing these first titles, that enthusiasm, that boundless amount of creativity, playfulness, and the utterly addictive nature of the 1980s, that’s what I have channeled into my latest creation. Bzzzt 2D platformer is a trip into the past, exactly as I remember it. With rainbow glasses and pixel art pumped up to the max!!!”

Alongside Bzzzt, there’s also an original soundtrack releasing for the. This music is composed by Martin Linda, a musician whose melodies have graced dozens of titles. Linda is also a programmer and the creator of the cult multiplatform music application Rytmik. This app started on the Nintendo DSi pocket and matured over 10 years to the latest version, Rytmik Studio.

Through Steam, Bzzzt 2D platformer will be available on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. This launch promises to be a vibrant journey into a world where skill, speed, and nostalgia merge to create a remarkable experience. Play the native Demo.

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