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Camp Canyonwood a new summer camp life sim

camp canyonwood a new summer camp life sim announced for linux and windows pc

Camp Canyonwood is a new summer camp life sim announced for Windows PC, but also Linux. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Deli Interactive. Due to release sometime in summer 2021 on Steam.

So here we are, welcome to Camp Canyonwood! You’re the new Head Counselor. Therefore you are tasked with breathing new life into these old campgrounds. The Campers are here and they’re ready for some summer fun. Their fun, education and safety lies in your hands, Counselor. So here are the details and the explanation from the dev’s.

Linux Support from Deli Interactive:

We’re currently using Unity to develop the game. As it’s what we developed our previous game with. It also allowed for a relatively painless Linux porting process on our last project. So yes! We will definitely be releasing Camp Canyonwood on Linux as well.

One aspect of the game worth expanding on is our fairly in-depth AI for the campers themselves. We really want them to behave like real kids. So they are chock full of interesting little quirks. For example, each kid handles stress differently, internally called their “fight or flight” response. When stressed, some kids will break down crying, some will pass out on the floor. Some will get angry and start fighting. While others will run away screaming. It’s our aim to reflect this sort of nuance in all of their behaviors. To somewhat realistically simulate the joys and stresses of parenting/guardianship.

We also have a lot of love for the supernatural. And while the trailer only shows a glimpse of this aspect. We have plans for a wide variety of Cryptid inspired happenings as you get further in the game. Camp Canyonwood, the setting, is ripe with rumors and ghost stories. A classic summer camp trope – and we definitely aim to deliver on that element. It’s my hope the game will appeal the most to folks who like a little flavoring of horror in their otherwise wholesome experiences.

Camp Canyonwood | Announcement Trailer


  • Live the Camp Life – Go hiking, fishing, swimming, bug catching and more in a scenic Utah-inspired wilderness.
  • Guide Your Troop – Lead troops of campers each summer in pursuit of Merit Badges. The more they learn, the more you earn.
  • Camper Personalities – No two campers are the same. Each have their own unique personalities and quirks. Learn their needs to better reach them!
  • Build Your Dream Camp – Gather materials and funds to improve your camp each summer, and design it as you see fit.
  • Beware Dangers – Camping isn’t always easy. Protect your campers from dangers both natural and supernatural.

There you have it. Camp Canyonwood is summer camp life sim announced for Windows PC and Linux. Due to release in 2021. So be sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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