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Canadian-Based Online Relationship Management Company Tokii Expands Into U.S. Market

Company Provides Full Suite of Proprietary Online Relationship Solutions for Couples Seeking to Bring More Cohesion and Happiness into their Everyday Lives

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Tokii, the world’s leading online Relationship Management Platform is pleased to announce its market expansion into the United States. With Tokii, partners can stay connected while exploring their relationship through interactive tools and games of play and discovery.

“We’ve seen a real need for online relationship gaming in the U.S. market,” says Tokii CEO Karla Stephens-Tolstoy. “With couples struggling for more cohesion and happiness because of added stress and time constraints, Tokii provides a valuable service to not just save relationships, but to enhance them by drawing partners closer together.”

Tokii understands that couples are interacting with each other electronically. What sets Tokii apart is its ability to strengthen offline communication and interaction, through online means.

“When the average couple spends less than fifteen minutes a day actually talking to each other, you have to wonder how much time is dedicated to exploring each other’s physical and emotional desires,” adds Stephens-Tolstoy. “Our products, particularly our recently launched DiscoveryGames, help mitigate the boredom of monogamy which causes so many couples to stray.”

Using feedback from its beta testers, Tokii developed a set of tools to help couples connect and reconnect. The company’s diverse suite of gaming products includes TradingPost, which offers couples a win-win negotiation tactic, and MoodMeter, which gives couples a heads up on a partner’s mood so they can live a happier life. In August of 2011, Tokii launched their second major tool, DiscoveryGames, which helps couples learn more about each other and broach topics that may be uncomfortable to discuss in a traditional setting. Currently, Tokii is hard at work on expanding its industry-unique Profiles, adding additional mood settings, roughly 20 new DiscoveryGames per month, enhancing TradingPost functionality and developing a mobile application to make relationship improvement accessible anytime and anywhere.

“Tokii has raised the bar to create an industry standard environment that is safe and fun for couples to extend their knowledge of each other while strengthening their relationships,” said Kim Stephens, Tokii’s Vice President of Product, Technology, and Marketing.

“It is an exciting time at the company and as we expand into the U.S. market, the future of Tokii and our suite of products looks very bright,” she continued. “A vast majority of our beta users believe Tokii will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on their relationship. Operationally, we’ve built a solid revenue model that will drive the industry and provide an unmatched online relationship management solution for couples facing everyday challenges and obstacles.”

About Tokii

Tokii is the world’s first social media site designed specifically to help busy couples stay connected and improve their relationships. Utilizing a full suite of proprietary games and technology, Tokii enables couples to move the individual digital experience to a shared one, adding fun to every day activities. Tokii is built on a military-grade .NET platform to ensure the highest level of digital security and is available for all couples free of charge!

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