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Cannons Lasers Rockets Coming To Linux, PC, and Mac


Net Games Laboratory’s Cannons Lasers Rockets has been #Greenlit on #Steam . The initial open beta will begin on Steam’s Early Access program in early 2014.

Cannons Lasers Rockets was created on the premise that flying a virtual spaceship doesn’t need to be rocket science – the game was designed for intuitive, fast-paced spaceship dogfighting. Players can get directly into the action with minimum downtime or annoying delivery quests. The team, which includes former Nival and Wargaming developers, drew from MMOs and MOBAs alike to create a cohesive and streamlined battle experience, allowing players to choose from hundreds of spaceships to customize and team up to defeat other groups of players in epic zero-gravity battles.

To learn more, visit the official Cannons Lasers Rockets Steam Page.

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