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Can’t Drive This party racing is doing well in reviews

can’t drive this party racing full release is doing well in reviews for linux gaming mac windows pc

Can’t Drive This party racing full release is doing well in reviews in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creativity of developer Pixel Maniacs. Available now on both Steam and Humble Store.

Pixel Maniacs are proud to announce the success of Can’t Drive This. Currently available with over 80% Very Positive reviews on Steam. Which is also impressive for a competitive co-op multiplayer party racing game. Which maybe some of the most fun you will have in 2021.

The unique Can’t Drive This gameplay sees players frantically building the road in front of them. While your co-op partner attempts to drive their monster truck on your newly made raceway. But the driver must keep the vehicle above the speed limit or it will explode.
So conversely, if they drive too fast, they will run out of road. So don’t think you get it easy as the road builder.
Also, if you can’t take the pressure of building the track. Then customise your own truck with tons of options. Trying your hand at driving while your co-op partner scrabbles to pave the way.

Can’t Drive This | Announcement Trailer

With Can’t Drive This 2-player online multiplayer. Including up to 4 players on local split screen or as a single-player game. Expect to see 4 games modes, literally trillions of customizable options. This is available across vehicles and tracks. Including leaderboards a whole pile of fun that never stops.

Previously available as an Early Access game on Steam. Can’t Drive This has become a huge favorite for You Tubers and Streamers. Along with 1,000’s of videos generating millions of views.

Steve Crouse, Creative Director at Pixel Maniacs said, “We didn’t develop Can’t Drive This as a remedy for low blood pressure, but it is what it is.”

“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and Can’t Drive This had everyone at Perp in fits of laughter,” said Rob Edwards, Managing Director. “It is such a massive pleasure to add Can’t Drive This to our growing portfolio of current and next gen games. We are proud to be working with such a talented team”

Can’t Drive This party racing full release is available now. Including support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Out now on both Steam and Humble Store. Offering a 15% launch discount on Steam, priced at $16.99 USD. The regular price is $19.99 USD.

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