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Capcom’s Smurfs’ Village Coming To Android This Week

Beeline Interactive, Capcom’s smartphone game development subsidiary, has announced that its popular social title Smurfs’ Village will be released for Android devices later this week.

The game, which sees players building up a village for the Smurfs with visuals based on the original cartoon, was originally launched on iOS devices last November.

It quickly topped the highest grossing apps charts on iTunes, making more money than Rovio’s Angry Birds for the week and knocking it from the top of the charts.

The game is free to download, but supported by micro-transactions that allow the player to more quickly build up their village.

Smurfs’ Village is set to be released on the Android Marketplace later this week on September 28 for “select devices.”

Capcom launched its Beeline Interactive subsidiary earlier this year, due to what it described as a “particularly fast change of pace in the mobile game market.”

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