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Capes Hero Trailer levels up the expectation

 capes hero trailers reveal more for the turn based strategy game coming to linux mac windows pc

Capes Hero Trailers reveal more for the turn based strategy game coming to Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the impressive team at Spitfire Interactive. Due to make its way onto both Steam and GOG.

Developer Spitfire Interactive and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment have just released two new trailers for their upcoming hero strategy game, Capes. Due to hit Linux and Steam Deck on May 29th, 2024. Let’s dive into what makes this title and meet a couple of the heroes you’ll be playing.

Meet Mercurial
Mercurial is one of the heroes in Capes. She’s all about speed and power. Before she got her powers, she was already a legend in the local fighting scene, going from street brawls to professional combat sports. But when her speed and reflexes became superhuman, she had to make a choice: join the Capes or get nabbed by The Company, the bad guys who made superpowers illegal.

With her incredible speed, Mercurial can cover massive distances in no time, land heavy punches, confuse or disarm enemies, and also dodge danger effortlessly. She’s a whirlwind of chaos on the battlefield.

Meet the Team: Mercurial

Meet Weathervane
Next up is Weathervane. He was a hot-headed football player with big dreams. His life changed when he accidentally unleashed his powers and got captured by The Company for some nasty experiments. Luckily, the Capes rescued him, and now he’s a hero fighting back for justice and a bit of payback.

Weathervane’s Lightning Scourge can zap multiple enemies at once. His wind powers let him move fuel barrels around to create explosive setups. He’s a game-changer in any fight.

Capes – Meet the hero Weathervane

Capes is all about action-packed, turn-based strategy where you’ll level up your heroes. While combining their unique powers for devastating team attacks in challenging missions. The dark and gritty campaign will reveal the truth behind the Enhancement Program, a sinister project run by the supervillain Operator Alpha. Plus, there are side-missions that help you improve your heroes and uncover more about their pasts.

King City Edition
If you’re looking to save the city in style, check out the King City Edition. This special edition launches alongside the regular release and includes the Supporters Pack. It’s packed with extra content like alternate Capes hero appearances. There is also a 50-page art book featuring the game’s stunning art, and more.

So, gear up and get ready to dive into the world of Capes. Whether you’re a fan of fast-paced action or strategic gameplay, this title has something for everyone. May 29th can’t come soon enough. Coming to Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to be available on Steam and GOG on May 29th, 2024.

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