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Capes new turn based strategy announced

capes turn based strategy game announced for linux and windows pc

Capes turn based strategy game announced for Linux and Windows PC. Which is the work of the new development studio Spitfire Interactive. Which now has a Steam page.

Spitfire Interactive rises from the ashes of the beloved, multi-million unit selling Hand of Fate series developer. Key team members from Defiant Development return with their debut title, Capes. Due to being a gritty superpowered turn-based strategy RPG. A singleplayer that will also return hope to a world without heroes on Linux and Windows PC via Steam in Q1 2023.

Capes returns to the Golden Age where heroes saved the day for fame and glory. While villains concocted schemes in glorified games of cops and robbers. Well, at least until it wasn’t fun anymore. So that one dark day, the villains truly won, brutally wiping humanity’s protectors off the face of the planet. After nearly two decades of villains running the world and with a fear of superpowers. Then a new generation of heroes are ready to stop the filth of crime from spreading or die trying.

Capes – Reveal Trailer

Take center stage in Capes turn-based tactical battles. While rescuing reluctant citizens trapped by dangerous debris. Each in different situations best handled by specific units. Working your way across the battlefield on foot or via teleportation. Due to draw the attention of goons and create openings for teammates. Upgrade abilities and stats after each mission. ALl before getting ready for the next bout.

Combine superpowers to create iconic strategies. Due to be worthy of their own comic book panel. Such as slinging a spiky crystal covered powerhouse head first into a villain’s chest. Character diversity is at the forefront of Capes with its modern take on classic comic tropes. Not just in powers, but in the heroes themselves. Due to showcase a variety of ethnicities, genders, hopes, and dreams. The future is in the hands of the budding youth as they work together. Fighting against the amazing odds of the generation before them.

“I started my career writing on Freedom Force alongside Ken Levine. So this feels like a return to where my journey began,” said Morgan Jaffit, Director of Spitfire Interactive. “My team and I want to explore the ‘darker side of every coin’ and we have the best people possible to do it.”

Capes turn based strategy will be available on Linux and Windows PC via Steam. Due to release in Q1 2023. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

For more information on Capes, visit the official Spitfire Interactive website.

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