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Caporetto second update release for Isonzo

caporetto second update has a release date for isonzo ww1 fps game on linux and windows pc

Caporetto second update for Isonzo the WW1 FPS game has a release date for Linux and Windows PC. This is the result, once again, of the commitment from M2H and BlackMill Games. The game is available on Steam and Humble Store with 85% Very Positive reviews.

WW1 FPS Isonzo will receive its second update for the Caporetto expansion, on February 28th. Soldiers on Linux and Windows PC can expect various new weapons. As well as the second of three new Offensive maps based on the Twelfth Battle of Isonzo. This time, they must conquer not just their enemies but also the river Piave. Doing so in order to secure victory.

Just like the first part of the Caporetto expansion, the Piave update will be free for all Isonzo players. As revealed in the roadmap, this will be the second update of many to be released on Steam.

isonzo ww1 fps game roadmap for linux and windows pc

Caporetto expansion

With this next free update, players must face the river Piave. Doing in the second of three new Offensive maps coming to Isonzo in the Caporetto expansion. Battling their Italian enemies on the dangerous hillsides by the river banks. Now the German soldiers must survive the treacherous nooks and crannies of Caporetto. All while they attempt to overcome the challenge of the Piave with all their might.

Isonzo – Piave Map Teaser

The Caporetto expansion follows the history books, after the Italian defeat at Caporetto (October 24, 1917), they retreated to the Tagliamento line. At the same time, Boselli resigned as the prime minister of Italy and a new cabinet was formed. They met with the British and French prime ministers and decided to replace Luigi Cadorna with Armando Diaz. Doing so as the new Italian chief of staff. The king supported his new chief in a plan to stand firm on the Piave river. Due to prevent Venice from falling into enemy hands.

Now it is time for players to pave the way to victory in the Caporetto expansion. By either attempting to build a bridge across the Piave or by preventing their enemies from doing just that. Either way, both sides will have a fierce battle waiting for them! The update will also be adding two new weapons to even the odds: the Mauser M1914 and the Beretta Modello 1917.

As the Caporetto expansion gears up for the Isonzo release. You can WW1 FPS game is priced at $29.99 USD / £24.99 / 29,99€. Available on Linux and Windows PC via Steam and Humble Store . Which is also Steam Deck playable.

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