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Captain of Industry factory sim close to funding goal

captain of industry realistic factory and colony sim for linux mac windows pc via kickstarter funding

Captain of Industry realistic factory and colony sim for Linux, Mac with Windows PC via Kickstarter funding. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer MaFi Games. The crowdfunding campaign is working to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

After 6 years of hard work, 2 indie devs (US & UK) are happy to announce a new title: Captain of Industry. Due to raising £35,000 ($49,387 USD) by June 28th, 2021, and currently 74% funded.
This is a realistic factory and colony simulation game. While offering a fresh take on realism. The player starts on an island and starts building with excavators to have them mine from a fully dynamic terrain. Trucks can also dump products on the terrain as well. So the whole island can be terraformed.

This may seems similar to Factorio and Satisfactory. But this is a more progressive approach. Due to make its way onto Steam for Windows PC, but the developers are working on Linux as well.

…yes – sometime during our Early Access.

While this is good news, the dev’s are holding support as tentative. Since the Early Access period is due to last 1 – 2 years. They also want to make sure they can deliver quality gameplay. Even though Linux support is outlined via the FAQ. And as result, due to deliver a build in the second half of Early Access, according to the Roadmap. They are also using Unity 3D as the game engine. Check out the trailer below to get a further look.

Captain of Industry – Kickstarter Trailer

Further features include an autonomous vehicles system, conveyors and pipes. Since there are over 100 products to manufacture, over 100 research nodes to unlock. This includes farming, naval battles, and a space program. The player also has to care about their colony of people and feed them. Using their happiness to achieve bigger goals.This provides a fresh fusion between industry & colony management.

MaFi Games are running the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund the development. And of course, bring the game to more players as soon as possible. With a closed alpha planned for September 2021. The closed beta will follow in December 2021. While public early access starts in March 2022.

The Kickstarter page has more information about the game. Captain of Industry realistic factory and colony sim is looking to be more unique. Due to make its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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