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Captain of Your own Smuggler Spaceship in Galactic Princess Game

Galactic Princess, a game that should be on the radar of every #MassEffect & #FTL fan on the planet, is now up on both #Kickstarter and Greenlight.

In Galactic Princess, you need to get a crew, design and build a ship then set off to save the princess, exploring and shooting your way through the universe.

The ways to achieve this aim are multiple. From trading merchandises, even illegal ones such as space drugs or slaves if you choose so, to using diplomatic solutions. But never forget though, that the best option remains piracy, but with piracy often the price of blood.

Galactic Princess gameplay is similar to Mass Effect and FTL

So guard your treasures and beware your envious opponents, especially of the corrupted members of the Spacecop alliance.

To survive in space you will need to earn the best equipment:

  •  powerful engines
  •  mighty generators
  •  deadly weapons
  •  medic systems
  •  research labs
  •  control systems          
In your search for glory and power, a myth caught your heart; according to which somewhere in the galaxy laid a power that would bring the planets back to life. It is your destiny to travel through space looking for information that will lead you to this Power.
The Myth has a name, and is known as “The legend of the Galactic Princess”. Dive into an epic adventure through deep space. Find the princess to restore peace, and rule the universe.

The Kickstarter page has one very cool feature: there’s going to be very little HUD in the game. Instead, you will need to check the instruments on your bridge to see how things are going.

Galactic Princess will be released on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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