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Caravel: Set Forth crew management sim native port

caravel: set forth crew management simulation talk native port for linux with windows pc

Caravel: Set Forth crew management simulation dev talks native port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Tricephalus and Headless Studio. Who also just released an early look and prototype of the gameplay.

Caravel: Set Forth is a crew management simulation game. Which takes place aboard an early 15th century Portuguese caravel. With the player having to keep each crew member alive. While planning and operating the caravel on a risky mission for Prince Henry, the navigator. Which is a unique style of sim game. Due to giving the player a first hand experience of 15th century perils.

According to an email reply from João Brandão of Tricephalus. It looks Linux support is in the studio’s plan.

I don’t really have any further information about a Linux port. But it’s pretty likely it will happen when we reach that point in development.

First off, Tricephalus are using Unreal Engine 4 to create Caravel: Set Forth. And with the pre-alpha gameplay video going live, it’s a pleasure to see Linux support already in the plan. But this time for Linux is still TBD. Since the game does not have a store page on any of the digital retailers.
But what we do know, the studio is funding the project with a very small budget. This also serves as a further example to other dev’s that native Linux support is a priority.

Tricephalus and Headless Studio released the first look at pre-alpha prototype gameplay. Offering up a very early view of this crew management simulation game. Although the development of Caravel: Set Forth was announced in November of last year. This is the first time the public gets a look at actual Caravel: Set Forth gameplay.

Caravel: Set Forth – Pre-Alpha/Prototype Gameplay

Since the player will have control of the individual crew members as they sail the ship. You will also have the task of trying to stay alive on a harsh voyage. The camera system allows, not only, for a cutaway view of the caravel. But players can also zoom out and contemplate the wonderful, but humbling, vistas of the open sea.


  • Control each crew member and use their unique skills
  • Choose the supplies required for the trip
  • Face the seas and the dicey weather
  • Marvel at the sights of the ocean and its fauna
  • The basic story will introduce the crew, as they sail into the unknown
  • Night/Day cycle

For more detail about Caravel: Set Forth development. Be sure to check out the dev blog. This explains how the team started and the need to bring the crew management simulation to life. Which is already set for Windows PC, then somewhere in development, Linux as well. Plus you can also sign up for the Caravel: Set Forth newsletter here.

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