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Cardbob due to loot, haggle, and repeat

cardbob new roguelite hack and slash game launches on both linux and windows pc

Cardbob new roguelite hack and slash game launches on both Linux and Windows PC. Mad Cookies Studio put in hard work and dedication to create this masterpiece. Available now on Steam with Positive reviews.

Imagine a vast universe where everything is crafted from cardboard. Right from towering skyscrapers to the intricate robots that inhabit its streets. This is the backdrop of the Cardbob game, a delightful adventure in a realm where science fiction meets everyday material. Launch into this roguelite hack and slash on Linux, and you will find there’s more to this world than meets the eye.

Cardbob, our central character, is no ordinary figure made from corrugated paper. Equipped with advanced technology, he is a cardboard robot that harbors a secret. Beneath his abode lies a network of mysterious dungeons, full of hidden treasures. As you navigate this maze, you’re not just looking for loot but also the perfect chance to strike a deal. And in this cardboard metropolis, negotiation is an art form.

Each foray into the dungeon is a quest for rare treasures that you can showcase in your shop. The deeper you delve, the more valuable the items you’ll find. But of course, these dungeons aren’t without their guardians. Since there are security robots patrolling the corridors to big bosses guarding precious loot. Due to offer numerous challenges. Overcoming them not only rewards you with coveted items but also strengthens Cardbob. Due to prepare him for even tougher battles ahead.

Cardbob Launch Trailer

Emerging from the dungeon with your hard-won treasures is only half the battle. Back in the bright, neon-lit town, it’s time to engage your merchant hat. In this bustling market, every trader is vying for the best deals. Your shop becomes a hub of activity for potential buyers. Each with their unique preferences and budgets, come calling. In Cardbob, successful negotiation is all about reading your customer. Pay attention to their stats, gauge their interest, and then pitch your price. It’s a thrilling dance of wits and strategy, where every coin matters.

Earnings are more than just a measure of your business acumen. In the Cardbob world, the currency you earn from successful deals paves the way for lasting upgrades. Invest wisely, and you’ll secure permanent upgrades that amplify your prowess and potential.

Cardbob roguelite hack and slash offers a deep game. Since it blends the thrill of dungeon exploration with the strategic depth of running a business. It’s not just about combat or commerce alone but the seamless interplay of both. As you dive deeper, strike harder bargains, and elevate the stature of Cardbob. Due to realize that in a universe made of cardboard, dreams, and adventures are very much real on Steam. Priced at $8.49 USD / £7.22 / 8,28€ with the 15% discount on Linux and Windows PC.

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