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Carebotz arcade adventure support in near future

carebotz arcade adventure support in near future for linux gaming with windows pc

Carebotz arcade adventure support in the near future for Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Glasscannon Studio. Who recently released the Asteroids meets Metroidvania mix on Steam.

Indie game developer Péter Takács a.k.a Glasscannon Studio. Who also offers the worldwide release of Carebotz last week. An exciting retro-inspired arcade adventure with exploration elements. Crafted by hand with love by sci-fi fans. Carebotz is a tactical, non-ordinary gravity shooter, with an unusual hero. A game that is now five years in the making. Available on Windows PC, but support in Linux gaming is in the works.

Probably in the near future, I will try to port Carebotz to Linux

There is no release date. Currently, Glasscannon has to, “polish the windows version and after I will start porting the game”. Which you can see in the Discussion post. This means a more complete build due to arrive in Linux gaming. The game engine of course is Unity 3D.

Carebotz – Official Trailer

Carebotz is a single-player game featuring Bibz, a maintenance droid. Bibz is also a hero on a mission to save an empty factory from ruin. This means players must work through danger. Since the factory is full of secrets, surprises, and unknown tech. Make your way through tight tunnels and avoid deadly barriers. All while using your hover engine, as you learn to manage gravity. The cleverly designed levels require you to keep a sharp eye. This also means taking your time and trying out other options. As a humble droid, your daily tasks might appear mundane. However, when the main computer awakens from sleep, nothing is what it seems! You are on a mission to destroy enemies of unknown origin.

Carebotz is a 2.5D side scroller game. As you progress, you will also take on different enemy types. All while keeping careful watch over your energy level. With an average gameplay session of 6-8 hours. Mastering the array of weapons and upgrades is an important aspect to win. Only by testing the different mix of weapons and tools will you succeed. Since each offers a unique style of play. Your collected items enable you to customize your toolset. Making your crafting more effective with a wider range of options.


  • Retro-Inspired Gameplay
  • 2.5D Side-Scrolling Fun
  • Powerful Weapons & Upgrades
  • Secrets & Surprises
  • Gravity-Shooter At Its Best!

Carebotz arcade adventure releases via Steam on Windows PC. Priced at only $11.99 USD. The reviews are decent but I’m eager to see support in Linux gaming.

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