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Cargo Company transport simulation needs interest

cargo company transport simulation tycoon game needs interest for linux with windows pc

Cargo Company transport simulation tycoon game needs Linux interest with Windows PC. Thanks to feedback and details from developer Ambiera. Which is currently available via Steam Early Access.

Ambiera is happy to announce that Cargo Company, the transport simulation tycoon game. While gameplay has you run a company to transport passengers. This also includes cargo using trains, trucks, busses, and even rockets between planets. The games currently in Early Access. And due to remain in development for 1 to 2 years. Only offering Windows PC support, but Linux may be an option.

It’s an own developed engine, based on node-webkit. So it would be relatively easy to port it to Linux.

While this is good news, Ambiera also points out, “a port depends on the interest.” This is somewhat more objective since this helps the Cargo Company developer wants to qualify porting time. Particularly when using their own game engine.
Simply put, if you want a Linux port, show your Tux Love or +1 via the Discussions post. Hopefully, with enough votes, we will see a native Linux build.

Cargo Company Release Trailer

Features of the game:

  • Build bridges, rail ways, streets, and train stations. Including launch platforms
  • Transport wares and passengers. All while using trains, trucks, busses and even rockets
  • Make money and grow your company
  • Production chains in Cargo Company are key. Including steel, wood, oil, goods, cars, tanks, and more
  • Towns grow to large cities with the right reason
  • Help humanity grow and also expand into space
  • Transport goods between planets
  • Run your transportation routes on multiple planets at the same time
  • Switch between earth, mars, moon, and others at any time inCargo Company
  • Grow your transport company and become an interplanetary tycoon

Unique features in comparison to other similar games:

  • Play on multiple planets at the same time in Cargo Company
  • Transfer cargo and passengers between planets
  • Line based vehicle management
  • Research
  • Interim storage buildings, like transport cargo to a storage location. Doing so using trains, where rockets can pick it up later and move it to Mars)
  • Start year is 2030
  • Actual traffic on the streets
  • Drive forward planet colonization to more planets
  • Possibility to subsidize industries
  • Modern UI

Cargo Company transport simulation tycoon game is out on Steam Early Access. Also priced at $9.99 USD, with a 15% discount for its release week. Only available on Windows PC, but Linux is certainly an option. So be sure to show your Tux Love and Wishlist the game on Steam.

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